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Pets are most welcome

Not only dogs are most welcome at the relexa hotel Berlin. We can count to our guests a bald eagle too. To give you an impression, how we welcome your pet, we would like to collect all the pictures that you wish to share with others. Simply send your pictures to us via email or Facebook and enter our animal competition, where you could win a 50.00ÔéČ voucher for a pet shop (FRESSNAPF or zooplus).

The conditions of participation to our animal competition can be found here.
We hope you enjoy browsing through the images.


ÔÇó if you wish to stay at the relexa hotel Berlin with your four legged friend, you pay no extra charge ÔÇô all is inclusive
ÔÇó small up to date tips for traveling with your favorite pet can also be found in the article in the magazine ÔÇťDOGS"
ÔÇó Fred & Otto have visited the relexa hotel Berlin and present their impressions in the current issue

the dinky dog of Anette L. - check in: 14th january 2015
Cara Mia wieder zu Gast bei uns - check in: 28.Januar
Otto - check in: 02nd january 2015
Kayo at Restaurant Fenêtre
bald eagle at relexa hotel Berlin
Luis - check in: 16th january 2015
relexa hotel Berlin - Luis in der Lobby
Luis in front of the relexa hotel Berlin
Snoopy - checked in in our hotel in march 2015
relexa hotel Berlin - PAULA visit the relexa hotel
relexa hotel Berlin - COCO eastern 2015
Quedo - check in: a night before christmas 2014
Snoopy sagt Danke, f├╝r den Fressnapf Gutschein
Dog Lenny
Dog Lenny with his wonderfull eyes
Dog Lenny
Timo check in 25. Mai 2015
Linus visited us in June 2015
Thank you greetings from Linus!
relexa hotel Berlin - Baldo visited us in July 2015
Frida visted us on july 2015
what a dog - beautiful - visited us in july 2015
Fellnase von Derya
Wer kann diesem Blick widerstehen
herrlich, diese Sonne - f├╝r Hundi und Herrchen
Dieser H├╝bsche f├╝hlt sich pudelwohl bei uns im relexa hotel Berlin
Kellys cutie - check in 11. August
kleines Mopsi von Simone
Rico visted us in august 2015
Bonnie visited us on october 2015
Timo visited us in october 2015
Pearl & Cloud checkten im Oktober 2015 ein
Tyras visited us in october 2015
jan's poochie checked in in november 2015
Jule - check in: 18. M├Ąrz 2016
Fellnase von Sanna
Timo is back - April 2016
Lore in style - check in: 17th of April 2016
relaxing Teva and Sajan - check in: 6th of May 2016
Welcome Scooby - check in: 7th of May 2016
Three Companions - check in: 9th of May 2016
visit from Higgins and Amira - check in: 12th May 2016
M├╝cke - check in: 27th of May 2016
exciting follower - check in: 28th of May
Luna & ihre Freunde Mini, Teta und Espinete
Carlsson und Emil check in 03.07.2016
cute guest - check in: 25.07.2016
Mathias' best friend
Timo der Fr├╝hst├╝ckshund
Fellnase von Corinna check in am 04.Oktober 2016
Maren's dog
Jaska - check in im Oktober 2016
Eurasier Aslan
Rambo checkte im Dezember 2016 ein
Charlie Check In 12.03.2017
Spanieldame Lotte - check in 12. April 2017
Cavalierkingcharlesspaniel - check in am 20. April 2017
Akira f├╝hlt sich wohl
Die Fellnasen von Anja
Best friends: Chicca and Tyra
Cute Pumba at relexa
Entspannung pur
Kosmo zu Besuch
Ebony mit Spielzeug
Timo again. 17.10.2017
Muto feels welcome, Check In 05.11.2017
Marty Mc Fly wearing a funny hat
Christmas wishes from frequenter Timo
"Dog treatment" Quedo, Check In 29.12.2017
Amy alone at home, Check In 11.01.2018
Uschi in the city, Check In 25.01.2018
Ginny sagt vielen Dank
Sabine und ihre Fellnase
starring at the tool - check in: 03.03.2018
Sabine und ihre Fellnase
Hundedame Laika - Check In 04. Mai 2018
Mops Check in
Anton schl├Ąft sich aus

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