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Good morning Berlin, you can be so beautiful.

Tour about 9 km – one day trip
incl. detailed route with great tips as a free download and exact route planner

Spring made us wait this year long enough. Gloomy weather, dark clouds and lots of rain dominated the early spring months. However, as of today everything is different. Finally sunglasses out, umbrella put away. Today the summer has begun. Lets get out and enjoy the nature and have a nice walk.  See the capital, experience people and absorb this stunning metropolis atmosphere. If you start the day with that enthusiasm, then the day can only get better.

Start 9 am:               relexa hotel Berlin - Anhalter Strasse

After a healthy breakfast and a great tasting cup of coffee I am ready to start my day. First of all I have to decide, if I should go to Potsdamer square, which I have heard a lot of. I go to the reception and ask the young lady at the front desk for directions. She tells me, that it is not a problem, gives me a map and marks the 800 m route on it. I need to turn left just outside the relexa hotel and follow the road for 200 m towards Stresemannstrasse, where I then have to turn right. After that I only need to go straight ahead and after 700 m I have reached the square.

Find the route report  with all details and tips here.

  • 9.10 am:             relexa hotel - Potsdamer square

  • 9.45 am:             Potsdamer square

  • 10.00 am:           Potsdamer square - Ebertstrasse

  • 10.05 am:           Follow Ebertstrasse

  • 10.40 am:           Holocaust memorial Ebertstrasse

  • 10.45 am:           Memorial for the murdered Jews of Europe

  • 11.00 am:           Emassy of the United States of America

  • 11.05 am:           Brandenburg Gate

  • 11.30 am:           Brandenburg Gate - Room of silence

  • 11.45 am:           Federal Reichstag - Reichstag Dom  - roof terrace

  • 12.45 pm:           Federal Chancellery - Paul Loebe house

  • 13.00 pm:           Berlin main train station

  • 13.15 pm:           Magnus Hirschfeld Ufer - ZOLLPACKHOF - House of the world culture

  • 13.45 pm:           Bellevue palace - Magnus Hirschfeld Ufer - Helgolaender Ufer

  • 14.45 pm:           Strasse der Erinnerung - Federal Ministry

  • 15.15 pm:           Lessing bridge - Stromstrasse - GRIPS Theatre - Berlin tea house

  • 16.00 pm:           Altonaer Strasse - Victory Column

  • 16.30 pm:           Victory Column - Strasse des 17. Juni - soviet War Memorial - Zoo - Brandenburg Gate

  • 16.50 pm:           Brandenburg Gate - Paris Square

  • 17.30 pm:           Paris square - relexa hotel Berlin, Anhalter Strasse

I hope you enjoy this tour as much as I did.
Below you find the download with all details and tips of this route.

Please click here for pictures of this walk.

For more route suggestions and questions, please contact the relexa staff at the hotel. They are true Berlin experts and will be happy to tell you many other highlights and tips.