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Terms and conditions for the animal competition

§ 1 Organizer

The Oranienhotelbetriebs GmbH, Anhalter Strasse 8-9, 10963 Berlin (hereinafter "relexa hotel Berlin") operates this competition.

§ 2 Eligible participants

Eligible are those who are at the time of their participation 18 years and older. Employees of the relexa hotel Berlin or affiliated companies and others involved in the design and implementation of the photo contest and members of the aforementioned persons are not allowed to enter the competition. Participant is the person who owns the Facebook profile or the email address with which they participate in the photo contest. Participants are allowed to enter the competition more than once with different photos.

§ 3 Participation

Participation is free. To enter you need proof that you have stayed at the relexa hotel Berlin. With participating in the photo competition you have no obligation to use certain benefits or take part in promotional activities. It is necessary that all personal information is true, otherwise you will be excluded.

When sending or uploading the photos on the relexa hotel Berlin Facebook page you give permission to the publication of the photo. You must ensure, that you have all photo rights.The relexa hotel Berlin obtains the rights to modify (in particular electronic image online) and duplicate the image as well as transfer these rights to third parties (e.g. Facebook). On request the participant need to confirm this in writing. Should any third parties try to claim their photo rights due to infringement, the participant will be liable, the relexa hotel Berlin will not be liable for any such claims. The rights are transferred with no compensation.

The relexa hotel may use and publish any pictures submitted on their website or social networks. The pictures may be deleted at any time from the website. The participant is responsible to delete images on other websites.

Each participant ensures that no third party rights are violated by the publication of pictures on Facebook. This includes in particular foreign copyright or personal data protection rights of photographed people. The participants are liable for any claims or legal costs when breaking the rights / law, the relexa hotel Berlin will not be liable for these claims and legal costs involving these claims.

Photos sent by post cannot be accepted for this competition. This competition is purely assigned for photos send by email, which will be shared on Facebook or the relexa website, or photos directly downloaded on the Facebook website. By emailing photos or downloading the pictures the participants agrees to the terms and conditions of this competition.

§ 4 Time frame

The competition is only limited to the respective current quarter. The date, when the photo is published will be the valid entry date.

§ 5 The winner selection

The winner of this competition will be selected from all entries, who are eligible and who entered the competition in the specified period. The winner is based on the photo with the most “likes”. The winner will be selected on the first day after the specified quarter.

§ 6 Winner notification

The winner will be notified by email. The message will be sent to the Facebook user, who posted the photo. The winner has then 14 days to claim the prize. Simply send the postal address to the relexa hotel Berlin, in order for us to send the prize to the winner. If the winner has not responded within the time frame, the prize will be lost.

§ 7 The prize

You can win a 50.00€ voucher for the shop FRESSNAPF or The voucher cannot be exchanged for cash nor can it be modified or amended. To auction this prize is prohibited.

§ 8 Public rights

The participants give their permission for the relexa hotel Berlin to publish the photos of the photo contest on the relexa hotel Berlin Facebook fan page and the relexa hotel Berlin homepage, stating the Facebook user name or the name of the animal. This approval may at any time be withdrawn in writing to the relexa hotel Berlin to The participation in the competition is not affected by the request to not publish the name.

§ 9 Rules of conduct

The relexa hotel Berlin has the right to exclude participants from the competition, which try to manipulate the participation process, the competition or are in breach of these terms and conditions. In particular, the relexa hotel Berlin reserves the right to remove obscene, insulting or defamatory photos immediately and exclude participation.

§ 10 Termination options

The relexa hotel Berlin reserves the right to cancel the competition due to unforeseen circumstances without notice. Especially if the competition cannot run as planned, for example in case of software or hardware errors or any other technical problems and / or legal reasons that affect the regular and proper conduct of the competition.

§ 11 Responsible

All questions, comments or complaints about the photo contest must be sent to the relexa hotel Berlin and not to the Facebook account. The competition is purely run and organized by the relexa hotel Berlin.

§ 12 Legality

The decision is final.

§ 13 Applicable law

The above terms and conditions are governed exclusively by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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