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Berlin Animal Rescue

An act of honour

The Berlin Animal Tafel e.V. (animal rescue) supports pet owners who have become involuntarily in financial troubles. Dog, cat, rodent, budgie and many more are often the only friends left in such difficult situations. For this reason, the non-profit association collects in cooperation with many partners pet food and other pet supplies such as dog waste bags, which are essential in Berlin, as the city has specific rules to clear up after the dog and dispose of the waste.

Think of everything

The tasks of the volunteers at the Berliner Tiertafel e.V. are not limited to the procurement of food and accessories or the planning and execution of expenditure within a two week cycle. They also try to arrange sponsorships for pets as well as organizing discounted medicines for the four legged friends. Many people and their pet animal need the help of Berliner Tiertafel e.V. The great demand for this association is not only reflected in the many volunteers who can be seen in the Mörikestrasse, but is shown in the ever increasing number of applications for pet owners to get assistance in their situation.

Berlin Tiertafel e.V.
Mörikestr. 15
12437 Berlin

The relexa hotel Berlin supports Berliner Tiertafel e.V. with a donation in the form of waste bags and we have set up a donation box. If you wish more information please see our reception team.

We also donate the entire revenue of our Negronis cocktails sold during NEGRONI Week to the Berliner Tiertafel e.V.

Every little helps. Join us and donate your contribution.