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CityTax Berlin

Please note: 

  • From 1st january 2014, the City of Berlin is collecting within it's boundary a cultural subsidy – the so called „CityTax“  amounting to 5% of the accommodation rate.

  • From 1st April, 2024, the state of Berlin will levy a cultural development tax called “city tax” amounting to 5% of the net overnight price excluding 7% VAT on overnight stays for business purposes.The statutes of the State of Berlin stipulate that all hotels collect this tax and pay it to the State of Berlin. Our business prices are per room and night plus the cultural development tax of 5%.

According to the municipality tax regulations it is the obligation of the lodging industry to collect the tax and to pass it on to the city of Berlin. The tax has to be paid by the traveller locally.

Here you can find some official documents from the city of Berlin.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!