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Berlin’s history in the Detlev Rohwedder House

The relexa hotel Berlin pays great attention to its diverse and interesting training program for young people. The hotel management training program includes practical as well as technical training in all departments but also the knowledge of the diverse and historical background of the surrounding area.

Our sales team visited with our trainees a neighbour in Wilhelmstrasse - the Federal Ministry of Finance. Since 1999 is the Ministry located in the Detlev Rohwedder House. Although you get mostly information on taxes, public finances and (international) financial policy, emphasis was put on to the history of the house. The trainees were given a guided tour, which brought them the colourful past of the building closer.

A huge office complex

The building was completed in 1935 and was the seat of the Air Ministry under the leadership of Hermann Göring. Like many other buildings of the National Socialists this building reflected with its pompous design the power of the Nazi regime. The architect Ernst Sagebiel created a symmetrical wing complex with huge courtyards and gardens. Even today it is one of the largest contiguous buildings in Berlin. It has more than 2,000 rooms, has a total corridor length of almost seven kilometres as well as a dozen flights of stairs and lifts, including three Paternoster. The building survived World War II nearly unscathed.

Place the division of Germany

After the war, the top authority of the Soviet Union turned the complex into its headquarters until 1947, when the administrative organization of the German Economic Commission moved into this building. On 7th October 1949 was the division of Germany signed by the German People's Council. The Detlev Rohwedder House became the "House of Ministries of the GDR". During the national rebellion on 17th June 1953 a political demonstration in front of this building took place, which was blocked by the Soviet army.

Where does the name "Detlev Rohwedder House" come from?

With the reunification of Germany on 3rd October 1990 some departments of the Ministry of Finance moved into the building. A part of the house was still in the hand of the trust. After the assassination of the President of the Trust, Detlev Rohwedder in 1992, it was decided to name this building after him. The Federal Ministry of Finance therefore decided not without reason to establish themselves in this building, which is characterized and dominated by the events of contemporary history.

On the national open house day, once a year, everyone has a chance to visit this unique building. For current events see the calendar of BMF.

The relexa hotel Berlin would like to say thank you to the Ministry of Finance as well as the very informative and interesting guided tour.

Ministry of Finance
Meeting at BMF

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