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Denise's way from Berlin to Braunlage

In summer 2012, a highly motivated group of young people began their training at the relexa hotel Berlin. Among them, Denise Kehrer, a young woman who grew up bilingual in America, which makes this a great advantage in a hotel with international guests.

Four questions to Denise

You've completed in summer 2015 your apprenticeship at the relexa hotel Berlin. Then you started your job at the relexa hotel Braunlage.

How did it happen?

That I went after my apprenticeship at relexa hotel in Berlin to Braunlage relexa hotel Harz-Wald was due to the fact, that I had two years earlier helped out at the relexa hotel Braunlage and it has left a lasting, positive impression. I was able to get to know the differences in our hotel chain and have decided that I prefer working in a holiday hotel more than in a conference hotel.

What position did you start there? And what are your current responsibilities?

I accepted a position as a waitress in July 2015. Shortly thereafter, in November 2015, I took the opportunity to become the Assistant Housekeeper. I now have a lot more responsibility in hotel, among other things, I take care of the decorations in the hotel, preparing the arrangements for guests, room check, keep public areas clean and I have to ensure that our guests get a good first impression.

Do you think your training at the relexa hotel Berlin has helped you?

Yes, definitely. I can’t complain about my apprenticeship at all. Sure, everyone has departments in which you are happy or less happy, but I personally can say that I have taken from each department something for my future career, or even into the private sphere.

I could have found in my opinion no better operation for my education. Three years went by so fast. I am glad to be able to remain in the relexa hotel group because now the training is over and the "real life" begins. I am proud to say that I am part of the relexa teams. It could have not been any better.

Have you got any advice for new trainees?

Enjoy your training and take as much experience as you can with you. If you feel comfortable in the team, like me, enjoy the family feeling the colleagues will give you and the three years will fly by. There are always ups and downs, but it is just as good as you do it yourself. So make the best of it. Choosing the place for your apprenticeship characterizes your further (professional) life.

We thank Denise Kehrer for her time at the relexa hotel Berlin and wish her all the best for the future.

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