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The Victory Column – Gold Else

The Berlin residents call their Victory Column lovingly - Gold Else.

In the middle of Berlin, centrally located between the Brandenburg Gate and Ernst-Reuter Platz is the Victory Column. It stands in the middle of the Great Star in Berlin's Tiergarten and raises 67m high.

The Victory Column had not always been there.

The Victory Column was built in 1864 up to about 1873 - to commemorate the victory of Prussia in the German-Danish war. It stood on the Republic Square - "Royal Place". The column was moved from there in 1938/1939 to its present location, the Great Star.
The Victory Column has suffered extensive damage during the Second World War and some parts were brought to Paris. Only in 1987 Berlin was able to get back the artifacts and the Victory Column was then complete again.
The top of the Victory Column is crowned with the goddess of victory “Victoria - Gold Else”, which was created by artist Friedrich Drake.
You can reach the Victory Column easily via the pedestrian tunnel. Inside the Victory Column is a spiral staircase which leads nearly 300 steps up to the viewing platform. Please note that there is no elevator.

Once you are up there you can admire stunning views of Berlin.

Even if the climb up is exhausting – definitely worth the trouble, promise.

Our tip:

visit the Victory Column while you stroll along the river Spree.

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