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Potsdamer Platz (square)

The actual Potsdamer Platz was once a street intersection, which developed with the construction of the Potsdam railway station to one of the busiest squares in Europe. During the Second World War, the square was badly damaged. At the crossroad of the American, British and Soviet sectors and then cut through by the Berlin Wall, this no-man's-land was neglected wasteland in the heart of the city for many years.

After the fall of the Wall, the area around Potsdamer Platz became the largest construction site in Europe. Between 1993 and 1998, an entirely new neighborhood was built with shops, hotels, apartments and restaurants, stage musical theater, casino, cinemas and not to forget the Sony Centre with its stunning architecture.

All information around Potsdamer Platz and its daily programmes can be found here: Potsdamer Platz Berlin

S-and U-Bahn station "Potsdamer Platz", S1, S2, S25, U2
Bus M41, M48, M85, 200