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Berlin's Currywurst – the favourite urban snack

The Currywurst is a must in Berlin same as the Brandenburg Gate

The Currywurst (curry sausage) in Germany is much more than just a powerful economic factor: loved by politicians, athletes and celebrities, songs have been written about the sausage (like Herbert Groenemeyer), the Currywurst is a piece of German history and culture.

The Currywurst was invented in 1949 by Herta Heuwer. She sold the cooked sausage fried with a sauce of tomato paste, curry powder and other ingredients in her snack bar at Stuttgart square in Berlin Charlottenburg. End of the 50ies she patented her sauce under the name "Chillup". She kept the recipe to herself all her life and did not even reveal it to large companies.

The Berlin Currywurst offers two basic versions: with and without intestine. In the beginning the sausages were exclusively cooked with intestine, cured and lightly smoked steamed. They were made ​​of finely minced pork and sometimes beef. The sausages without intestine are long and of whitish colour. They are not salted or smoked. The "real" Berlin people eat their Currywurst exclusively without intestines.

Do you know how to spot a true Berlin resident? Exactly ... with a real Berlin Currywurst. Learn how to spot the original Berlin Currywurst. 

And since the Berlin people love their Currywurst so much, they have even dedicated a Currywurst museum to it, where you get all the inside of the famous Currywurst.

Of course we serve in our restaurant the typical Berlin Currywurst. Come in and try it out and put our Currywurst to the test.

Berlin has many Currywurst stalls on offer. To make the selection a little easier, we would like to give you our TOP 3 Currywurst snack bars:

  • Curry 36
    Curry 36 Mehringdamm is a Berlin institution. This legandary snack bar was opened more than 30 years ago. They sell the classic Currywurst with and without intestine. Several celebrities have eaten here as well as Berlin residents, tourists and curry fans and of course it does not matter if day or night.
    District: Kreuzberg,  Mehringdamm 36  10961 Berlin
  • Konnopke's snack bar
    After long renovation work, the legendary Currywurst is back at the true location beneath the elevated train. Konnopkes snack bar can look back on a now 80 year history, which started with a certain Max Konnopke, who began in 1930 with the sausage sale in Berlin. This "Currywurstbude" is also been the snack bar, that has sold in the sixties the currywurst in East Berlin.
    District: Prenzlauer Berg,  Schoenhauser Allee 44 B  10435 Berlin
  • Witty’s
    All who love organic products will love "Witty's". Here every guest can enjoy the sausage with and without intestine. All products are one hundred percent organic. They recommend with the Currywurst Belgian fries. In Witty's you can enjoy the Berlin Currywurst - without having a bad conscience.
    District: Schoeneberg, Wittenbergplatz 5  10789 Berlin