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The Oberbaum bridge

The Oberbaumbruecke is part of the city’s landscape of Berlin same as the Brandenburg Gate.

Street musicians often play under the arches of the Oberbaumbruecke (over tree bridge). It is the bridge, where the underground train U1 crosses. In addition you have a beautiful view from the bridge towards the East Side Gallery.
The Oberbaumbrücke connects the districts of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain.

During the 18th century this bridge was a toll bridge. In the evening, the bridge was blocked by a tree trunk. Towards the west of Berlin there was a similar bridge, which was called Unterbaumbruecke (below tree bridge) - and thus this bridge in the east has got it name Oberbaumbruecke (over tree bridge).

The Oberbaumbruecke was built in 1894 in Gothic Revival style and built of stone. Hitler ordered to blow up the bridge to stop Soviet troops to pass over it during the Second World War. The bridge was used as a border crossing for pedestrians for the first time again in 1963 and after the German reunification the bridge was extensively renovated. Since 1995, the underground line U1 goes over the Oberbaumbruecke.

Our tip:

Visit the East Side Gallery near the Oberbaumbruecke.

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Oberbaumbrücke in Berlin (bridge)
Oberbaumbrücke in Berlin
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Oberbaumbrücke in Berlin

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