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Discovery the Museum Island in Berlin

The Berlin Museum Island is on the northern part of the Spree island in central Berlin. It was the historical start of the Berlin museum landscape and with its museums today a much-visited destination for tourists. Moreover it is one of the most important museum complexes in the world. Since 1999, the Museum Island is part of UNESCO World Heritage Site for being classed as one of the world's unique structure and culture museum island.

The Berlin museum landscape is diverse, ranging from exhibitions on history, culture and technology through various styles of art to museums across the Currywurst, lipsticks or the punk band “Ramones”. The core of this unique cultural landscape forms the Museum Island in the historic city center.

A visit to one of the museums in Berlin is a must.

Take a tour around the Museum Island in Berlin
The northern part of the Spree Island is home to a total of five national museums that are part of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation. Cross the river Spree via the pedestrian Monbijou bridge, and you reach the entrance of the Bode museum, which was built in a triangular, neo-baroque building from 1897 to 1904. It houses a collection of Byzantine art, a coin collection and a collection of sculpture exhibits from the Middle Ages until the 18th century. South of this museum you will see the famous Pergamon museum. Its ancient monumental exibits such as the Pergamon Altar, the Babylonian Ishtar gate or the Mshatta facade have made it famous worldwide. In addition, the Museum of Islamic Art is integrated within this building.

Another worldwide unique piece of jewelry you can admire in the Egyptian section of the New Museum: The beautiful bust of Nefertiti. In the section of Prehistory, however, you can expect parts of the treasure of King Priam of Troy. Art lovers will be taken back in the Old National Gallery. Masterpieces are on display in this stunning museum. Directly behind the Lustgarten is the oldest building of the ensemble, the Altes Museum (Old Museum), designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel. At its heart is the Greek antiquities collection.
Discover the five museums on the Museum Island: Alte Nationalgalerie, Altes Museum, Bode Museum, New Museum and Pergamon Museum.

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visit the Museum Island in Berlin and plan your next city break

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