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Frankfurt Gate - worth a visit.

If you walk along the "Frankfurt" - former Karl-Marx Allee, Friedrichshain - you can’t miss the two towers at Frankfurt Gate.
We would like to let you know, where the name comes from and why the two towers are exactly at this point.

Not far from today's Frankfurt Gate was originally in the 18th century a barrier for customs with a large gate. There started the gateway to the city “Frankfurt Oder”… hence the name "Frankfurt Gate". Towards the end of the 19th century, the barrier for customs was torn down.
Today's Frankfurt Gate is at the intersection of the Frankfurter Allee, Karl-Marx-Allee, Petersburger Strasse as well as Warschauer Strasse. The name was given in 1957.

During the Second World War, almost nothing remained undamaged. All was destroyed and a complete new development of this area began. During the GDR this street was called the Stalinallee. New housing complexes emerged which were mainly based on the architecture of communism, but some still had antique ornaments.
The Stalinallee was almost 2 kilometers long and was during the GDR a monumental socialist boulevard. Originally was planned to continue to Alexanderplatz - but this was not possible due to the enormous costs.
The two dome towers were built by architect Mr H. Henselmann and they look like a gateway. One tower houses today the Foundation for Monument Protection Berlin, as well as a gallery.
In addition, it is possible to hire parts of the towers for special events.

Our tips:
combine the Frankfurt Gate with another sightseeing tour


visit the Frankfurt Gate during your next short break in Berlin

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Frankfurter Gate
Frankfurter Gate

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