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Urania world time clock at Alexanderplatz

Legend says:

"If lovers standing next to the world clock and hold hand at 0.00 a.m., they will stay together forever."

Another reason to have a closer look at the world clock:
The world clock on Alexanderplatz is a popular meeting place for Berlin residence as well as tourists. It stands 10 meters high and weighs about 16 tons.

But why is this clock called "Urania World Clock"?
An Urania column was found in 1966 during demolition work on Alexanderplatz. It was an old street clock with built-in weather station - which was built by the former clock factory "Urania".

In 1969, the world clock was designed by Erich John and erected by the former GDR. The world clock represents a stone mosaic - which looks like a compass rose. In each of the 24 segments are different countries shown and 148 cities listed presenting the respective time zone. An hour ring rotates through these time zones displaying the current time in the places around the world. Above the world clock is the solar system presenting the various planets.

In 1997 the clock has been completely refurbished, all city names have been updated and many other cities have been added.


  • The clocks mechanism is a Trabant (a popular East German car) gearbox and is located a few meters below ground in a separate room

OUR TIP: Visit the world clock on your sightseeing tour in Berlin

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