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The Berlin TV tower - A unique view 207 meters above Berlin

A unique view 207 meters above Berlin

The GDR Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications did not agree on the location of the TV tower. Also, the additional use as a tourist attraction was controversial. In the 50ies it was suggested to have its location on the raised Müggelbergen in the southeast of Berlin. Construction work on the tower had already begun when it was discovered, that this would interfere with the operation flight at airport Schönefeld. Next location was suggested Friedrichshain park in 1957/58.
The work was scheduled to be completed by 1964 and to operate the TV tower. However the construction of the Berlin Wall had to put this seven year project on hold. Among other things, the project for the construction of the TV tower was canceled as a result. But the call for providing citizens with radio and television did not stop. It was not only that reason that the project started again, the desire of the GDR government to create a representative, modern building took over too. The architect Joachim Näther suggested in 1964 to build the TV tower on the west side of Alexanderplatz. As the project now would also be the landmark of Berlin, the GDR leadership decided to build the TV tower in the middle of Alexanderplatz. Some partially intact residential, retail and warehouse spaces had to give way. Due to the costly demolition work and the constant relocation the costs for the project increased enormously. The funding from the German investment bank received a penalty. Thus, the construction initially started without a building permit on 4th August 1965. After 4 years, the new landmark of Berlin was finally inaugurated in a high official act by Walter Ulbricht.
Today, the sight of the TV tower is an inseparable part of the panorama of Berlin. Those who want to enjoy the breathtaking 360° views across the capital, can take the elevator up. Within 40 seconds you will travel 203m up, alternatively are 986 steps, which could be used in a technical failure. The observation deck and bar 203 is situated at 203 meters above sea level, where you can enjoy snacks and cocktails. At 207m you can indulge heavenly food and drink in the restaurant Sphere. The menu is also accessible online.

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TV Tower Berlin
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Berlin TV tower
jewish synagogue with Berlin TV tower
Panorama view over Berlin

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