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"Global Stone Project" in the Tiergarten

5 Continents in Berlin's Tiergarten

Mr Wolfgang Kraker von Schwarzenfeld is a passionate adventurer and artist. During his travels around the world, he had the idea for a peace project. He got from every continent two monoliths that are of particularly material, shape or origin. One part of the “sibling” stones remained in the country of origin and the other was intended for the Berlin Tiergarten. Mr Von Schwarzenfeld gave the stones a very special touch. Thought went into the arrangement of stones in the Tiergarten. Every year on 21st June, the summer solstice, and the light of the sun breaks in the cut stones so that all the stones are connected. The remaining stones in the country of origin are in a precisely defined angle towards the sun too.

"The stones remaining on the five continents are positioned so that once a year, on 21st of June, their surfaces reflect the light of the sun back to it. The light reflected from these stones travels in a frequency of 16 minutes around the world to meet their sister stones, at high noon in Berlin."

Each stone represents a step on the road to peace

The sculptor Mr Wolfgang Kraker von Schwarzenfeld does not want to teach, but invites the viewer to consider his work as an artistic signal. So he thought that every stone from a specific continent has a meaning that is representing a step on the road to peace.

  • Europe – Awakening
  • Africa – Hope
  • Asia – Forgiveness
  • America – Love
  • Australia – Peace
Every year on 21st June people are invited to meet the artists and to discuss with him his mostly self funded interesting project.
"At 1 o’clock - the culmination of the sun - I lead you through the five steps to peace. Start with the stone awakening, then hope, continue to forgiveness, love, and ultimately to the stone from Australia, representing Peace. During this tour you will see how light among the stones draws a circle that symbolically unites people of all continents. A meditation on the five terms and their meaning complete the annual ceremony. "
(Wolfgang K. v. Schwarzenfeld)