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Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) at the relexa hotel Berlin

In Germany alone 130,000 people suffer a fatal heart attack. This fact has led us to support the German Red Cross initiative "Der Herzkasper lauert überall" (heart attack could happen anywhere). Unfortunately, no one is immune to a sudden failure of the heart muscle. If you get chest pain and feel light headed then every second counts. Until an emergency doctor arrives on site, the person can suffer already severe or permanent damages to the body system.

Since 25th July 2015, the relexa hotel in Berlin owns a CPR devise.

The relexa hotel Berlin is one of more than 100 places in the capital, which have a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation devise (CPR). Our staff are trained in dealing with the life-saving device made by the company ResQ. This enables us to provide first aid and prevent permanent damage to the person' health. The use of an CPR is easy because the first aider is given clear instructions as soon as you activate the electrodes to performed the application. Please view here how this devise is used.

There are also apps for Android and Apple devices, which give you the emergency information on the location of the nearest CPR station.

On these two websites AED Kataster or Defikataster you can also find all information on CPR locations, to ensure that you get the help needed intime. Furthermore, the places who have an CPR device display a green plaque: a white heart with a lightning and a cross (see photo below).

Our tip

Become a lifesaver: download free the CPR locator app, so you can always locate the next available CPR device.

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