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Our little Wedding ABC

Accommodation for the night - We have reserved for you a beautiful cosy suite.

Auction - Sometimes small items are auctioned at a wedding, to give the couple a slight financial start.

Bridal bouquet  - Start early thinking about your bouquet. What flowers would you like and what colour should they be. Order the bridal bouquet on time.

Bouquet - The bride's bouquet is thrown to find out who will be celebrating the next wedding.

Champagne - Or do you prefer sparkling wine? We offer a great drinks selection from our wine menu.

Children’s Entertainer - We are happy to arrange a professional entertainer for your younger guests.

Dads - They are allowed to shed tears on the day.

Guestbook - A nice way for guest to express their thoughts and best wishes for you. Also a beautiful memory of the day for you.

Love - Love is in the air.

Music  - Think about what kind of music you wish to play on the day.

No can do - Not with us! We meet (almost) every need.

Open End - You are welcome to celebrate with us into the early hours.

Pain relief -  Don’t forget pain killers and headache tablets.

Photographer - Enjoy your evening and let others do the work. A photographer is perfect to capture memorable moments of your celebration.

Rice -  After the ceremony the guests traditionally throw rice grains. Essential for a rich blessing of children.

Room key  -  We keep the room key very safe for you, so your wedding guest may not be able to play tricks on you.

Sewing kit - For the little emergencies.

Small change - Take some small change with you. Children will play various traditional tricks on you and the groom has to free his sins….

Souvenir -  A nice idea is to get small presents and distribute them at the ceremony to the guests.

Spare tights for the bride - Keep an extra pair of tights with you, just to be on the safe side.

Thank you - Don’t forget to express your gratitude to all guests.

Tissues -  Keep them always ready.

We - I and I no longer be – it becomes "we"

Wedding Cake - There are only two rules: 1. Never start cutting the cake from the top; and 2. Don’t pass the knife to the wedding couple.

Yes -   Is the most important word of the day.

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