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and "on top"?

temtping: sweet-tasting for rolls & bread

  • seasonal terming, home-made jam
  • hazelnut spread, honey

sea-born cold cuts

  • mackerel
  • herring salad

is it all about cheese?

  • maasdammer
  • gouda
  • chili cheese
  • pepper cheese
  • esrom
  • bavaria blue
  • Babybel
  • green cheese
  • philadelphia cream cheese
  • grained cream cheese

or rather sausage?

  • smoked pork chop
  • boiled ham
  • salami with cheese
  • salami "Milano style"
  • ham
  • pepper salami
  • baguette salami
  • turkey salami
  • turkey with dill
  • turkey breast with paprika spices
  • mortadella
  • smoked turkey breast
  • poultry-beer ham sausage

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