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Nikolai Viertel (Nicholas' Quarter)

The birthplace of Berlin

Even during the Middle Ages today's Nikolai quarter offered great entertainment. Where once a great trade route met the river Spree, traders and craftsmen settled and built 1230 the Nikolai church. The first two settlements that made up our capital later in time developed around this church. The community "Berlin" evolved East of the river Spree, while on the other side of the river spree the less populous district of "Colln" started to develop. A number of well-known celebrities visited this area and were partly resident. Lessing, Casanova, Kleist and many more crowded the streets and inns in the "old Berlin". Sadly not only the house in which Lessing lived and regularly welcomed corypheus of humanities, was destroyed during the fighting of World War II.

"Rising from the ruins"

In preparation for the big anniversary of "750 years Berlin" the re-construction of the Nikolai quarter took place in the mid 1980ies. With much effort and paying attention to historical recordings the Lessing House, the Nikolai church and whole original house facades were reconstructed. Small boutiques, restaurants and craft shops are now characteristic of the face of Nikolai quarters.

Since 1869 the seat of the Governing Mayor and the Senate is one of the most recognizable building structures in Berlin: the red town hall with its red brick facade. In addition, there is also the Ephraim palace here. This beautiful building complex in Rococo style offers space for changing exhibitions and a variety of other events.

You can reach the Nikolai quarter near Alexanderplatz by public transport within 20 minutes from our hotel.

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Rotes Rathaus
Ausblick auf das Nikolaiviertel
Rotes Rathaus
Berlin Mitte

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