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The cabaret theater "Die Distel"

This cabaret theater has a great history

Patrick and Lena, the frenzied reporters from the relexa hotel Berlin, have been to the cultural mile of Berlin, the Friedrichstraße, and were guests in the cabaret. Since the middle of the twentieth century, this satirical theater "Die Distel" has been one of the first addresses in the capital when it comes to a clever, intellectual and differentiated approach to current politics, social mishaps and trends - and always accompanied with best LIVE music!

The theater entrance in the front building of the Admiral Palace is through a glass door. Immediately you get the feeling of long history and you realise that this theater is not a modern, glassy entertainment place, but a historically theater grown in the heart of the capital.

As part of the Admirals Palace built in 1911, the rooms of today's theater have already been used as a cinema, casino and as a cabaret in the 1920-ies. On the other floors of the three-storey house there have been an ice arena, bowling alleys, a café and a Russian-Roman luxury thermal bath. Destroyed in the war, the building was ordered to be restored by the Soviet leadership to become a "house of the press" in 1947. Six years later, on 2nd October 1953, the cabaret theater “Die Distel” opened in the front building of the Admiral Palace in Friedrichstrasse 101/102.

The theater “Distel” makes history

The GDR subsidided the theater and tried to use this theater as an instrument to bring the socialist thinking into society. But this plan didn’t materialize. The plays were greatly written with satire hidden in it, recognizable for the anti-governmental people. Two plays were not allowed to be played ever: "Die Geschichte vom großen Muckefuck“ 1965 and „Keine Müdigkeit vorschützen" 1988.

The success of the "Distel" cabaret theater was in the 1970-ies and 80-ies so great, that a second ensemble was founded. Now three times a week plays could be presented on different stages at the same time. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the state subsidies remained unchanged. With the founding of Distel Kabarett-Theater GmbH in August 1991 the theater became a completely independent theater.

The Distel Studio

Even today this cabaret theater is still very successful. In spring 2012, the Distel Studio moved to the second floor on the main stage. This place is a stage for quite different and partly unconventional satire. Poetry, debates, stand-up comedy, chanson programmes and much more await the visitors here. A regular host in the Distel studio is Gregor Gysi. In the context of the series "misunderstand me right", he invites people like Jan Böhmermann, Oliver Welke or Jürgen von der Lippe.

The proximity to the Reichstag gave the “Distel” the nickname "Der Stachel am Regierungsitz" (the sting at the government seat). The theater offers over 300 events per year and 420 seats in the main building. Since the second ensemble still exists today, more than 80 events are in addition on display.

Here you will find the current programme with all the dates and details.

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