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Checkpoint Charlie

The best-known border crossing in Berlin
During the erecting of the wall between Zimmerstrasse and Kochstrasse the famous border crossing “Checkpoint Charlie" was created. This border crossing linked until 1989 the Soviet and American sector. All entries and exits of GDR officials, representatives of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Allied military were recorded and monitored. The world watched with amazement when in Friedrichstrasse on 27th October 1961 Soviet and Allied tanks faced each other. The Soviet leadership wanted to ensure that East Berlin does not fall within the Western Allies hands. The status quo was maintained on both sides and a third world war could so be prevented. Once the scene of dramatic escape attempts, the Checkpoint Charlie at the Underground Station Kochstrasse is today one of the most popular attractions for visitors in Berlin.

Museum at Checkpoint Charlie
The museum at Checkpoint Charlie pays great attention to many original tools and stories about people who tried to escape from East Germany. This museum reflects human rights. On one hand the stories about East and West Germany and on the other hand are countries and people portrayed, who still struggle to date with the implementation of basic human rights. Visitors are invited to make suggestions for the design of the museum programme and share their experiences and concerns about human rights.
Address: Friedrichstrasse 43-45, 10969 Berlin

Berlin Wall Panorama - a day in the 1980ies
The artist Yadegar Asisi portrays life in divided Berlin. The giant work of art measures 900 square meters and displays the view from the Sebastianstrasse in Kreuzberg (the former West German part) towards Berlin Mitte (former East German part). Access the unique exhibition from Zimmerstrasse close to Checkpoint Charlie.
Address: Friedrichstrasse 205 (entrance: Zimmerstrasse), 10117 Berlin

German cuisine at the Checkpoint
Enjoy traditional German cuisine such as Curry sausage, meatballs or stuffed peppers, right by the former Checkpoint Charlie. Lunch is served Monday to Friday from 10.30am onwards, and not only tourist make use of this great snack bar; offices and Berlin residents come here too. And if you missed breakfast, from 6am onwards you can choose from sandwiches, bagettes, meatballs and sausages.
Address: Friedrichstrasse. 217, 10969 Berlin

The Green Traffic Light Man and souvenirs for Berlin fans
At Checkpoint Charlie you can find just the right souvenir or memory of an unforgettable holiday in Berlin. Many shops offer a range from bags, T-shirts and caps with Berlin images and even original Berlin Wall stones. Always a good idea are the famous Ampelmännchen (Green Traffic Light Man) collection.
Address: Friedrichstrasse 210 (entrance: Kochstrasse), 10969 Berlin

This should be on your to do list: "Divided Berlin"

Checkpoint Charlie today: tourism and history

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Checkpoint Charlie
Checkpoint Charlie
Checkpoint Charlie Berlin
Checkpoint Charlie

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