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The Berlin Wall Park & Bernauer Street – a must for Berlin.

The Berlin Wall Park

The Berlin Wall Park in the districts of Prenzlauer Berg and Wedding is a popular place in Berlin, especially for young people. The former Berlin Wall went straight through the city. The wall of death was build in August 1961 and formed for many years the borderline between East and West Berlin. The area was restricted to the people, but fortunately the wall came down in 1989/90. To ensure this will not be forgotten, the Berlin Wall Park was created.
Today it is a place where you can sunbathe, play sports or even visit the weekend flea market. Originally the site was once a freight train station.

• In the northern part of the park you can find a children’s  climbing wall as well as farm and a nice playground.
Nearby is the “Gleim district” with the Falkplatz and the Max Schmeling Hall, where the handball team “Berlin Foxes” hosts its games.
• The southern part of the park is probably the most famous - here there is always something to do. Especially on Sundays you can join in Karaoke sessions or simply get a bargain at the flea market. Everywhere you can find small cafes or even beach bars where you can relax in the evening and reflect on the day.

Bernauer Strasse

Bernauer Street is one of the few places in Berlin, where you can find original remains of the Berlin Wall, the second part of the wall as well as the watch tower. Where once the districts of Berlin Mitte and Wedding were separated is now the Berlin Wall Memorial.
Here in Bernauer Street East Germany demolished in 1985 the Church of Reconciliation. Today you can find the chapel of reconciliation and many information centers in the form of columns. Today the watchtower is a small museum.

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The following video is the trailer for the movie "Wall Park - The Movie"

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