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One of the most successful cinema films of the 1990ies conquered the musical stage at the Stage Theater of the West in Berlin. The tragic story of the spirit of Sam Wheat will be performed from December 2017 on the traditional stage in the heart of the capital. Various ballads, pop songs and the original soundtrack of the movie "Unchained Melody" make this theatrical performance an unforgettable evening where the spirit of Sam is brought to life through breathtaking special effects.

Between heaven and earth

Banker Sam and his wife Molly have a very happy relationship. But everything changes abruptly when Sam is killed in a robbery on the open road. From then on, he wanders around the area as a ghost and quickly learns that his Molly is also in danger. To contact her, he turns to Oda Mae Brown, a dubious fortune teller and necromancer. With her help Sam tries to save his wife ...

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Photos provided by STAGE ENTERTAINMENT.

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